Our books about fibromyalgia from Tristarr Publishing are now available on Amazon;

Taking Control of Fibromyalgia: following science on a natural path to health

by Caroline Williams

Taking Control of Fibromyalgia gives you a biological explaination for fibromyalgia symptoms and a way for you to navigate the condition. It distills the new research on pain into practical ways to use this information. Ideas about inflammation in fibromyalgia, and vagus nerve function are explored.

The book explores new research about how chronic pain is created in fibromyalgia, and then what you can do practically about it. ‘Brain pain’ or ‘learned pain’ are explained as well as ‘central sensitisation’ so that you can reassure yourself about what is going on in your body.

There is also a new acupressure system specifically for fibromyalgia that you can do at home.

Written in straightforward language, this book gives you a clear perspective on the causes of the condition, and offers you a system of natural tools to help you recover. It is fully referenced throughout.

Our second book is now available too:

From Fibromyalgia to Freedom

written by three therapists from Park Farm Practice; Clair Starr, Ellie Coston and Caroline Williams.

From Fibromyalgia to Freedom looks in depth at food and nutrition, and how to use Yoga to recover from fibromyalgia.

Clair’s own story of recovery demonstrates how trauma can be a stepping stone to becoming unwell, and describes how she recovered again using our system.

Clair Starr – Restore_Yin Yoga teacher, author and therapist at Park Farm Practice