Fibromyalgia Treatments

Clair Starr, Caroline Williams and Ellie Coston have together developed a successful treatment program for treating Fibromyalgia and chronic pain, using natural methods.

Clair has recovered from Fibromyalgia herself using this program, having had the condition for ten years.

Although Fibromyalgia has no cures in conventional medicine, we have researched and developed a specific way to address this difficult condition without drugs. Our new program uses a combination of treatments.

How does our program resolve Fibromyalgia?

  • There is growing evidence that the brain and nervous system can ‘amplify’ warning signals from the body, leading to gradual increases in pain sensitivity, and can lead to ongoing chronic pain conditions.
  • By working with the nervous system using specific treatments designed to reverse this amplified effect, we can bring the body back into a state of harmony.
  • Often chronic pain and Fibromyalgia have a long lead-up time. Many sufferers have have experienced trauma, surgery, adverse childhood events (ACEs) or grief, and all of these stresses have effects on the physical body, allowing chronic pain conditions to develop over time.

Our program consists of one-to-one treatments specifically designed to resolve Fibromyalgia.

The program includes Nutritional Coaching and a personalised Nutritional Advice Report, Acupuncture treatments, Reflexology treatments, neurological movement exercises, and Yin Yoga tuition.a light bulb inspirational health advice for fibromyalgia

Our program can be accessed at times to suit you and each practitioner, or arranged in blocks if you are travelling to see us. Please contact us for more details.

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

You can find huge lists of possible symptoms of Fibromyalgia online. The main ones include hightened skin sensitivity, headaches, difficulty concentrating (the Fibro-Fog), fatigue, aches or stabbing pains, joint stiffness, bowel problems and food sensitivities.

The NHS website has a list of symptoms, …however when it comes to Fibromyalgia treatments or cures you will not find very much information, or even much hope!

Early signs of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is the result of a gradual process where the body gets out of balance. Early signs might be exhaustion, poor sleep, IBS (irritable bowel) and random pains and soreness that might move about, or relate to an old injury.

You are unlikely to get much of a diagnosis at this early stage, and the symptoms usually just stay there, or if you are under lots of stress they can get worse.

Gut disturbance is a very common starting symptoms. The digestion and the brain are closely connected and stress isn’t good for our digestion. This year a new study showed that disturbances in gut bacteria are found in people with Fibromyalgia.

Addressing any causes of inflammation or irritation for the digestion, and balancing the gut biome (our internal farm of good bacteria), is an important first step to resolve Fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia causes

You will probably find information connecting Fibromyalgia with stressful events, however the physical mechanisms are not usually explained. We have now written our new book, Fibromyalgia Explained! that will be published in early 2020, that DOES explain how Fibromyalgia occurs, and how to reverse the process.

Briefly, Fibromyalgia is an unpleasant cocktail of things that can go wrong with signalling in the body. Even the awful Fibro-Fog is partly due to the increase in signalling chemicals in the brain.

The nervous system is not working correctly and throws up many strange and unpleasant symptoms. For instance, some people feel like they are shaking inside, like we might do when we are scared, or suffer with dizziness. These symptoms can seem very random and unconnected but the nervous system is the link between them all.

By looking at how this mechanism gets out of balance, is it possible to successfully treat Fibromyalgia. It isn’t instant, but it IS possible.

Why does it hurt so much?

The brain can amplify pain signals. Pain is really just a warning signal sent from the body to the brain. The brain interprets the signals and creates ‘pain’. If the brain gets stressed it can start to ‘wind-up’ and increase the signal strength, so even the lightest touch on the skin could feel really painful.

This un-seen process is why people with Fibromyalgia are often not believed – because obviously a light touch on the skin is not causing any damage. However there are very real chemical reasons for the pain you feel.

This short animation explains some of what is going on in different kinds of Pain conditions.

Fibromyalgia treatments

If you look at the available treatments for fibromyalgia that there is a long list of drugs. However drugs are only one way to treat this condition! It is unfortunate that this condition is still poorly understood, and often poorly treated.

For instance, Opioid painkillers should never be given to people with Fibromyalgia. The respected Fibromyalgia and pain specialist at Michigan University Dr. Daniel Clauw describes giving Opioids for Fibromyalgia as ‘like throwing Kerosene on a fire!’

Opioids are not recommended for Fibromyalgia, but you may still be offered them, and you will see they are still listed on the NHS website as a treatment.

Non-pharmachological treatments ARE recommended, and have plenty of evidence that they assist with Fibromyalgia, but the practitioners need to understand what they are aiming to do.

At Park Farm Practice we have spent the last twelve months researching Fibromyalgia as a team. Clair has Fibromyalgia but is now completely pain free after using our combined system.

We aim to calm your central nervous system, to relax your body and specifically to reduce inflammation, and to teach your brain that movement does not equal pain.

We want to bring hope and information to resolve the fear and anxiety around this condition, and to provide tools that work.

This is a short video with Dr. Daniel Clauw (from the Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center at Michigan University, USA) explaining how to treat chronic pain (2 minutes).

Natural Treatments for Fibromyalgia

We use a combination of Nutrition, Acupuncture and a special type of very gently Yin Yoga that has been developed by Clair, called Restore Yin Yoga.

We have research evidence to show the mechanisms that Acupuncture can have on Fibromyalgia.

For instance, if we look at two normal body chemicals; ‘Substance P’ is a chemical that is raised in Fibromyalgia, and Serotonin is a feel-good neuro-transmitter that is usually low in fibromyalgia sufferers.

In a randomised control trial seventy five women were given Acupuncture, and the women receiving the acupuncture showed a decrease in their levels of Substance P, and an increase in their Serotonin levels.

Certain acupuncture points have the ability to regulate our brain chemistry, and these new studies are showing the mechanisms behind the beneficial effects.

How can use these treatments if I can’t get to your clinic?

We can see you by online appointment. It is possible to have appointments with us for Nutrition, Restore Yoga and Acupressure, all online, just get in touch.

We have also written two books to help you, the first one is available now on Amazon.

Taking Control of Fibromyalgia by Caroline Williams, explains the essential science so that you can really understand what is happening in the body to create the Fibromyalgia state. Based on pain research, neuroscience, and bio-chemistry, this book presents the useful and practical parts of this knowledge for you.

Caroline shows you how you can find a route out of Fibromyalgia using this information. She also teaches you a new acupressure system that you can use at home, using the same points she uses here in our clinic to help people with Fibromyalgia.