Dianne Joy

Family Wellbeing Practitioner & Careers Advisor

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I have been successfully providing counselling and coaching services to families from throughout West Suffolk and South Norfolk. Prior to this I spent nine years working in education and it was during this time, that I became acutely aware of how negative family relationships can impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of individuals.  

I am reminded daily of the importance of familial support by way of honesty and openness in communication as well as love, respect and trust within our relationships.  The variety of factors at play in our familial relationships are many and complex. In order for everyone within the family to flourish and for the family to function successfully, the positive mental health of everyone within the family is vital.  

My approach to working with families

My approach is very much about building a rapport with my clients.  In order for this to happen I would never judge or give my opinions, preferring to gently guide you to your own realisations through compassionate understanding.  I firmly believe that everyone has the resources within themselves to become strong and motivated individuals, and to realise their full worth and potential, no matter what their difficulties or perceived limitations.

Coaching sessions typically comprise of guided communication led by the NLP framework in order to assess a client’s present mental and emotional state.  Further discussion would focus on the causes of this state in order to develop a strategy to work towards a more desirable state and ultimately, the achievement of their desired outcomes or goals. 

Services I can provide

Teenage issues

These could be issues such as anxiety or depression, friendship or relationship issues, school refusal, social or behavioural difficulties, low self-esteem and confidence issues, self-harm, social media and gaming addiction.  They could also be problems associated with coping with a divorce or a bereavement.  

I also work with teenagers who need help with time management, sleep deprivation and following dietary advice.

Parenting skills 

Once children reach their teenage years, parents often struggle with the changes this brings.  Avoiding conflict whilst maintaining authority, imposing boundaries and maintaining standards of behaviour becomes increasingly difficult.  Keeping the lines of communication open are vital. Reconnecting with your teenagers after a period of conflict can be extremely difficult.  

Through sensitive mediation between parents and teenagers, I have been able to help children, teenagers and parents to re-engage with each other, enabling everyone to enjoy a more positive and harmonious family life.

Couples therapy  

We tend to cram so much into our lives these days, children, work, hobbies, socialising, that it is easy to lose sight of who we are and why we fell in love in the first place.  We may be using these distractions to ignore things like, not going out on a date for years, or that we rarely touch, have sex, or really talk to each other anymore.  We may feel too stressed or overburdened by life, sometimes this can turn into resentment or lead to conflicts.

Often with sensitive mediation and guided discussion we find that there is plenty to be positive about, that there can be a shared optimism about the future, and that it is possible to re-connect and move forward in a positive way.

Alcohol and dependency support  

Are you concerned about your drinking and/or drug taking?  Your habits may be having a negative effect on your family, your career and your relationships.  Perhaps you find yourself making bad choices which are having unwanted impacts on other aspects of your life.  

If you are ready to commit to change, talk to me about your experiences in a confidential and judgement-free environment. I can guide you on your route.

Support for the partners of addicts

Are you struggling to support someone you love who is an addict?  

Do you feel like there is nobody supporting you?  In order to cope with the challenges ahead, your own wellbeing is paramount.  Through confidential guided discussions, we can develop together, a series of strategies which will enable you to manage your situation confidently whilst protecting your own physical and mental health.

Experience and Qualifications

I have MHFA and NLP qualifications;

MHFA is the licensed Mental Health First Aid Instructor Training in England accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health. NLP is a modern coaching system that uses tools and techniques from Family Therapy and Counselling combined with Positive Psychology.

I have worked in schools for many years as a Careers Advisor and I have a solid understanding of the qualifications available to both young people and adult learners. I have a QCF Level 3 Diploma – IAG in Career Coaching.

Contact me

You can email me: info@diannejoy.co.uk 

or call me: 07748625765

For more information my website is: www.diannejoy.co.uk