First Transitions and Puberty

Coaching for Teenagers and Children – Clair Starr / Caroline Williams

Clair and Caroline are both specialist coaches for young people, working for several schools and youth organizations. Using NLP/CBT and Gestalt to deal with anxiety, menstrual issues, puberty, eating disorders, self harm, depression and negative behavioural issues.

Clair has taught mental health and wellbeing courses in many schools in Norfolk and Suffolk, and teaches mental heath courses in the corporate sector nationally.

Acupuncture – Caroline Williams

Gentle treatment for children from age seven years upwards. Balancing hormones in puberty and any unwanted menstrual symptoms.

Nutrition – Ellie Coston

Sensible nutritional advice and support for eating disorders and any diet related query. Nothing faddy, only simple healthy solutions for long term digestive and mental health.

complementary natural health for young people

Our diet has a huge impact on our emotional health and Ellie has a special interest in using diet for mental well-being.