In Clinic Treatments

Interior of Park Farm Practice - health and wellbeing clinic

We offer a range of therapies that are available at our lovely clinic in Botesdale, Suffolk:


Relaxing treatments combined with visualisations and health coaching with Clair Starr.


Gentle and effective treatment with an experienced practitioner. Specialising in pain conditions, joint and muscles pain, and fertility. Caroline Williams Lic Ac.

Holistic Nutrition

Practical and qualified diet advice with Ellie Coston. You can learn to develop a really good diet that fits with your lifestyle.

Family Wellbeing Coaching

Solutions to family problems and relationships with Dianne Joy. Solution focused coaching to help you.

Talking Therapies

Addiction and drugs, self harm or behavioural issues. Dianne Joy and Clair Starr.

Movement Therapy

Gentle movement solutions to pain using Anatomy in Motion. Caroline Williams

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Corporate Coaching

Coaching with Clair Starr. Clair has worked with many organisations around East Anglia.

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Our areas of expertise are in Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain and Fertility Support, read more….

You can also meet us online! Please see our online treatments.