Clair Starr

Talking Therapies & Reflexology

Park Farm Practice - Online health and wellbeing

I have been a professional therapist for 25 years, establishing my first London based Practice ‘Equilibrium’ in 1996.

In 2000 I moved to Suffolk with my young Daughters, where I started a new private practice called ‘Sacred Space’ and then in 2009 I founded ‘Park Farm Practice’ with Co-Director Caroline Williams.

I am passionate about the work I do and committed to working with client’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, depending on their needs and the outcomes they wish to achieve.

There are many areas where different therapies are successful with specific conditions. For this reason I have developed my skills and expertise to enable me to use a combination of tools, enabling a high success rate in achieving the desired and ultimate outcome, whether working with adults and young people, or working with corporate clients and their employees.

I qualified as a Reflexologist in 1995, and after a year in general practice, I begun to specialise in Infertility, Hormone Balancing, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Post-natal Issues, as well as, Miscarriages and Still Births.  20 years later, I am as passionate about the benefits of Reflexology and now combine Hypnotherapy/Visualisations/Reiki/Crystals with each treatment, depending on the clients needs.  I have also started to treat ‘The Menopause’ in the last few years.  I am a Holistic Therapist and treat every client physically, mentally and emotionally, covering every aspect of a woman’s hormonal journey through their lives…

I also treat a range of conditions and disorders, outside of the female hormonal issues, and have great success with migraines, constipation, sciatica, anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, sinusitis, sleep disorders, chronic pain and stress…

Using my ‘talking therapies’  CBT (Cognitive Therapy), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) & Coaching, I have spent the last 13 years working successfully with a range of issues such as, anxiety management, anger management, depression, confidence & self worth issues, bereavement, divorce, emotional breakdown, phobias and negative behavioural issues. I deliver this in the corporate world, as well as, the Occupational Health sector.

Young People

My specialist work with teenagers involves working with young people aged between 11 to 20 years old. A combination of life skills is used to help develop coping mechanisms & strategies to manage and overcome a range of issues that are commonly encountered such as, eating disorders, aggressive behaviour, self harm, addiction to pornography, self image & awareness, suicidal thoughts, relationship & sexual issues, drugs & alcohol issues & time management. I work very closely with the parents, school, CAHMS (Child and Mental Health Service) or GP with regards to any of my teenage clients. I have very close links with private and public schools in the area, as well as, CAFCASS (Children and Family Court Advisory Service) with regards to children whose parents are going through divorce or separation. I can also provide reports for school, CAMHS & CAFCASS. I am CRB approved.

Corporate – Evolve

Along side my private clients I also work with corporate clients to develop performance and skills of a business and its employees, offering a range of services such as 1 to 1 coaching and workshops. These services are provided through The Evolve Organisation, which I founded in 2003 and which has developed strong working relationships with a range of private and public sector organisations, creating and delivering a range of successful programmes that see both the organisation and its employees are reaching their full potential.

Occupational Health Therapy – Health & Wellbeing

With knowledge of both physical and mental health issues, which can affect a persons ability to fulfil their job role I can provide objective and comprehensive programmes of 1 to 1 therapy/coaching that aim to overcome barriers and see an individual being effective and productive in their work and life.

Providing objective and comprehensive assessments of an individual’s capacity in relation to their work, identifying the issues which may be having a negative impact.  I plan and implement return to work programmes, which are designed to ensure a person can rejoin the work environment with an understanding and confidence in their ability. Working directly with a business or through Occupational Health Providers I accept Management Referrals for individuals who may benefit from 1 to 1 support.

I also deliver half-day, full day and week long workshops on the many aspects of Health & Wellbeing in the workplace – Coping Under Pressure, Food & Mood, Who am I, Life Balance,  Stress & time Management, Change & Transition, What is NLP? & Wellbeing Management.

Please contact me to make and enquiry and book an appointment by calling 07867 795474  or emailing me at:


1995 – Reflexologist M.A.R.  – Association of Reflexologists – London

1997 – CounsellorLevel 1 & 2 – School Of Arc Therapies – London

1998 – Pregnancy Reflexology – Suzanne Enzer (Post-Graduate) – London

1999 – Reiki Levels – I & II Alan Sweeney School of Reiki – Kent

2003 – Coaching Diploma – ‘Mental Combat’ Training School – Manchester

2004 – NLP Practitioner – ‘Mental Combat’ Training School – Manchester

2004 – Hypnotherapist – ‘Mental Combat’ Training School – Manchester

2007/8 – CBT Practitioner – Galway University Hospital – Ireland