Menopause and beyond…

Acupuncture – Caroline Williams

Acupuncture is very useful to balance both your hormones and your emotions. Transition into the place where you are wise from within and find yourself in a new place to go forward.

Reflexology and Coaching – Clair Starr

Dealing with the physical, emotional and mental issues associated with the transition of the menopause.   Using ‘Coping Mechanisms & Strategies’ to help women through the ‘change’ of life & prospective of self.

Nutrition – Ellie Coston

Bone health, health anxiety and many other issues may become a focus for us as we move forward in time. Fortunately many health and hormonal concerns can be addressed with diet and with supplements.

Having a nutritional ‘MOT’ may be useful as we find a new hormonal balance for the second half of our lives.