Natural alternatives to Opioids

A recent study by the Public Health Research Consortium, published in 2017 found the proportion of patients being prescribed opioid painkillers by their GP had doubled in the last 15 years.

An investigation by BBC News has found:

  • More than two million working age people in England are estimated to have taken a prescription painkiller that was not prescribed for them in 2016-17.
  • GPs in England prescribed 23.8 million opioid-based painkillers in 2017, the equivalent of 2,700 items every hour.
  • This was 10 million more prescriptions than in 2007.

Opioids are among the world’s most commonly prescribed painkillers.

Drugs – including morphine, tramadol and fentanyl – are used to treat pain caused by everything from heart attacks to cancer. However in the UK they have been linked to the deaths of hundreds of elderly hospital patients, while the US is battling a well-documented opioid epidemic.

Receptors for Opioids are present in areas of the brain responsible for breath control and high doses can dangerously reduce the rate of breathing – the cause of almost all opioid deaths.

Using natural,  non-drug alternatives approaches to pain can make huge contributions to people’s lives. Sometimes by offering support in a health package alongside your doctor’s treatment, but also often by removing the original condition so that no painkillers are needed afterwards.

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