Restore – Yin Yoga Therapy

Yin Yoga is the most gentle kind of yoga. It involves doing slow movements and relaxing into the poses. Some poses are supported by blankets or cushions to allow you to fully relax.

Clair Starr is your Yin Yoga teacher. Clair has used Yin Yoga to improve her own health and seen huge benefits from regular practice. She has developed her practice to include breathing with the movements, which gives it a lovely calming effect.

She has her own studio at home and if you or your family would like to book a session with her she can guide you through a private Restore – Yin Yoga Therapy session online.

I have found Clair’s classes really wonderful, they leave you feeling refreshed and profoundly calm. Her Yoga Therapy is quite different from the other more active kinds of yoga and can be enjoyed by everyone, however immobile, or ‘un-yoga’ you may feel at the moment!