Sports Massage

Manipulation of the superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue for a whole host of beneficial, restorative and balancing effects….

You don’t need to have a sports injury to benefit from a sports massage. Your treatment can be to treat a specific problem, acute/chronic injury or dysfunction, or for general maintenance work to assist with the recovery phase in between training sessions, or for relaxation and stress relief.  Deep tissue work is highly effective in dealing with chronic (long term) conditions that can be the result of repeated patterns of movement (such as running) as well as postural patterns from inactivity (such as sitting at a desk for long periods) – and is also helpful to relieve stress or anxiety.

The assessment techniques used are a combination of palpation, range of motion and alignment tests (eg: such as assessment of sacral torsion) combined with your observations of your own pain or movement impairment experience. Each treatment is completely tailored to you –  so a full assessment is done before your treatment.

 Where appropriate, you may be advised on specific exercises or stability work that may be needed to do to help with maintenance or dysfunction prevention.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of treatment, your symptoms, and your aims, please contact Lauren Deller07929  034710