Movement Therapy (Anatomy in Motion)

Pain in the physical body is mainly caused by our posture. However, pushing and pulling ourselves into positions doesn’t really stick.

Change happens best when you are aware of your own centre of balance. 

I will look at your posture and how you walk and teach you simple exercises to rebalance your system. These are not hard or strenuous exercises.

For instance I will spend time assessing your feet and how they may be affecting the body movement above.

Movement therapy is wonderfully flexible and can be used with sports injuries, and also with clients who have long term injuries, ongoing pain, or chronic joint problems.

I aim to improve your natural walking movement and co-ordination. I am aiming to make a neurological change, because we want your brain to use a new movement pattern. Traditionally, for the last few decades, physiotherapy has isolated a movement and tried to strengthen the individual muscles. However this isn’t always effective, because however strong those muscles are, they still may not be activated in the correct order when we move.

Movement is unconscious. We cannot consciously control all of our muscles all of the time, so we need the body to co-ordinate itself. Using movements and exercises that relate to our natural movement patterns helps the brain to access the new pattern. Change happens naturally, without force, and with minimal muscular effort.

I have worked with people into their nineties, who have been pleased to find that they can do these gentle exercises, and found them effective. I am not teaching a ‘sporty person’s’ exercise system. I will show you a natural and gentle form of relearning correct movements for your body. 

Movement therapy can be helpful for foot pain, knee problems, lower back problems and neck issues. Getting your foot bones to move is an important foundation to regaining a balanced body.

This system uses the Flow Motion Model created by the bio-mechanist Gary Ward (as seen on TV in Doctor in the House). I first trained with Gary in 2013 and I update my training with advanced courses.

To make an appointment, or to discuss your symptoms, please contact:

Caroline Williams on 07762 126465