Physical Pain – Gentle Movement Therapy

Pain in the physical body is mainly caused by posture. We all have habits that affect our posture. Over time these create tension, injury and pain.

We know that if we are not walking or moving using all of our bones and muscles correctly, this causes problems. So what is the solution?

The assessment techniques I use look is to at your natural walking movement. I will link you up with a (free) app so that you can make a video of yourself walking. You send it to me and I can make an initial assessment. Then we have a live session where I run through the assessment and give you exercises to re-balance and restore your equilibrium.

Each treatment is completely tailored to you –  in our sessions I will explain what we are doing and why, so you can feel and understand what we are doing together. Change happens best when you can restore your body’s centre of balance yourself.

I will teach you some easy exercises to help you continue between sessions. These are simple and intuitive exercises, and are very different from the usual stretches or strength based exercises. For instance I will spend time to assess your feet and how they may be affecting the body movement above.

This system is very effective at making long term changes to your health. The creators of this system work with elite athletes internationally. However it is wonderfully flexible method and can be used with young fit people for sports injuries, but also with older clients who have long term injuries, ongoing pain, or chronic joint problems.

This system is called Anatomy in Motion. It aims to improve your natural walking movements, and all of your co-ordination.

I have worked with people into their nineties, who have been pleased to find that they can do these gentle exercises, and found them effective. I am not teaching a ‘sporty person’s’ exercise system, I work to show you a natural and gentle form of relearning correct movements for your body.

To make an appointment, or to discuss your symptoms and your movement ambitions, please contact Caroline Williams on 07762 126465