Fertility, Pre-natal and Pregnancy

Acupuncture – Caroline Williams

Caroline is a Zita West Affiliated Acupuncture Practitioner.

Fertility is a specialist area of Acupuncture that I have worked with for the last fifteen years. I have supported hundreds of women in natural fertility, assisted fertility, IVF, ISCI, with acupuncture fertility treatments and coaching.

Acupuncture offers safe and effective treatment for morning sickness, pelvic and back pain. Pre-birth treatments for energy, and gentle, natural inductions.

Reflexology and NLP/CBT/Counselling & Coaching/ – Clair Starr

Becoming a Mother, is one of the major passages in a woman’s life.  Preparing the mind, body and emotions is essential for a healthy, sustained pregnancy and the wellbeing of your unborn child.  Nature never intended conceiving and pregnancy to be a form of de-stress or dis-comfort but so many woman experience this time, as a long period of discomfort, fatigue, pain and destress.  An emotional rollercoaster – the fact, that so many women experience fantastic pregnancies & childbirth is strong evidence, that when the body is balanced, energised and functioning properly – having a baby can be one of life’s greatest joys – a truly magical experience/journey of living, loving and learning.

The journey to Motherhood, of course begins with conception.  Reflexology especially helps women experiencing difficulties conceiving or sustaining a pregnancy. So many women experience issues due to the pill, hormone injections, which have a major effect on a women’s body balance. Also age, health issues, stressful lifestyle, time, or mental and emotional issues.

By balancing the body, mind and emotions…we can increase energy levels and optimum health and increase the chances dramatically…this also impacts the pregnancy, childbirth and post-natal health. I also support breastfeeding, sibling bonding, relaxation and general wellbeing.

Specialising in the emotional, as well as, physical and mental aspects of infertility (explained/unexplained). Clair supports women & couples through the minefield of IVF, ICSI & IUI. Also, dealing with the mental & emotional aspects of donor eggs/sperm, and the impact on the relationship & individual.

Treatments are safe and relaxing, bringing balance and harmony to help you attain and maintain health and well being while you are pregnant, and right up to the birth.

Reflexology and Acupuncture both help with morning sickness, constipation and symphysis pubis pain and labour priming techniques maybe useful when your pregnancy reaches forty weeks.

Nutrition – Ellie Coston

Trying for a baby is a really important time to have good nutrition, whether you are trying naturally or using assisted fertility. Having an expert guide to adjust your diet to optimise your fertility is invaluable.

Male fertility is especially affected by diet and sperm quality can be improved with simple changes to diet and lifestyle. For more information see this page about how diet can improve sperm quality.

Trying to conceive can be a stressful, emotional and often long process, especially when it seems as if there are certain elements beyond your control. Nutrition and lifestyle are very much within our control and have a significant impact on the fertility of both women and men.

Nutrition for fertility goes beyond being the optimum weight, if your body is deficient in certain nutrients or under stress from your current lifestyle it will have a direct impact on how the body’s hormones and reproductive system are functioning.

Holistic nutrition treats the whole person, physically and mentally, not just the symptoms they present with and what is more this is achieved naturally. The introduction of key nutrients and some simple lifestyle adjustments could be the difference you are looking for.  For more information see: Holistic Nutrition at Park Farm Practice.