Lockdown! But we are still here to help you!

We hope you are adjusting to the social distancing this month. We have several things we can offer you to help you with any wellbeing problems you may have.

Some of our therapists are still running their clinics as normal for you, and using online appointments instead of seeing you in clinic.

Clair is teaching her Restore Yin Yoga sessions from her own private studio so you can still enjoy those. She is also busy seeing coaching clients via Skype or Zoom.

We also have some new things to offer you next month.

Dianne Joy has been working with us this year to provide family therapy and coaching support for young people. We have always been busy helping young people at our practice and Dianne is a welcome addition to our team. She is an experienced Career Coach and is available for appointments online, helping families in Covid-19 lockdown and offering some much needed careers advice.

We will soon be launching an online pain clinic with online treatments with Caroline Williams using the Anatomy in Motion and FlowMotion systems.

We have been working with our local community for the last fifteen years and we will continue to help you via our online appointments.

We hope you can take the opportunity of having more time at home, to improve your wellbeing!

Best wishes, Caroline